Hello, I’m Ian. I build nice things for the web with code. I live in Manchester and work at Uber. edible code is my portfolio.

I'm a bearded senior tech guy with 7 years' digital experience, equally at home in front of clients as I am coding. I've built loads of neat stuff for happy clients, but my work speaks for itself.

Code-wise, the back-end is usually C#, .NET, MVC & SQL while the front-end revolves around jQuery and Backbone. That's just a snapshot though so there's plenty more acronyms in my skills list.

When I'm not coding I can probably be found either in the kitchen baking bread, on the rugby pitch, walking in the peaks and taking photos or tasting real ale.




  • HTML5 and history, canvas and geolocation etc
  • CSS3 and SASS/Compass, bootstrap and normalize
  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • Progressive Enhancement and Graceful Degradation (often with Modernizr)
  • Backbone and Underscore
  • JQuery UI and other plugins like imagesloaded, masonry and validate
  • Grunt with jshint, compass spriting, imagemin and more


  • C#
  • ASP.NET and MVC
  • SQL Server with stored procedures, functions, indices and first normal form
  • Linq and Linq-to-SQL
  • Dependency Injection (usually with Unity)
  • IIS 6+


  • Git and SVN
  • Google analytics and webmaster tools integration
  • APIs like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Foursquare
  • Windows Phone 7+
  • Coding and deploment best practices like SoC, TDD, modular code, caching, minification, sprites etc